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2075-2095 Palm Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403

(Across from Costelli & Pardini’s Auto Body & Paint Works)


Other's testimonies


Christelle Hurstel’s Testimony

Jesus Christ changed my life, I used to be a bitter, angry, person but when I met Jesus Christ He changed my life completely. He healed my body, healed my broken heart, saved my family, gave me a wonderful husband. I can truly say I was lost but now I am found, I was alive on the outside but dead on the inside and Jesus changed me.


Jordan Suiter’s Testimony

I lived a life of casual sex and drug use, and really didn’t have a purpose in my life. I had a lot of issues with church. I was 21 when I walked into a service and at the end, someone I knew came up to me and asked if he could pray for me, I told him I didn’t want to make any commitments. He said he understood but wanted to pray FOR me anyway. I went up with him and he prayed for me. I felt God asking me to come to Him, something I had never felt before.

I thought about what would happen if i were to die. What if God is REAL? What if the bible is REALLY true? What does GOD think of me? Without any doubt knew my life was not right with God, but I felt like I couldn’t stop the way I was living. Then, like a response, I felt God speak to me again, “If you give me your life, I will do the rest”. I said “God, if you take away the desire I have for, sex, drugs, party, anger, bitterness, I will give you my life”.

Over the next 2 weeks, I changed. Something I didn’t expect. I stopped wanting to do drugs, sleep with my girlfriend and drink. I was no longer interested in partying with my friends.

I saw God was doing exactly what I asked, I felt a desire to ACTUALLY WANT to go to church. I went back to another service and I prayed and accepted Jesus into my heart.

I decided to be at everything the church did. I didn’t want to miss anything God was doing.

I got out of debt, and out of trouble. I saw miracles in my life. I was clean and felt close to Jesus. When I read the Bible, God showed me things that applied to me directly.

I can honestly say I know that God speaks to me, and listens to my prayers because I see them answered.


Claressa Suiter’s Testimony

At 13 years old, I wanted to party with my friends, to live the ‘fun teenage life’. But at the same time, I also knew that God was real (I was raised in church) and I wanted to know him personally. I knew that doing what I wanted was not pleasing to God and I had to decide if I was ‘all in’ or ‘all out’. So I decided to be ‘all in’ and I committed myself to God to know Him personally and to allow Him to use my life in the way that HE desired.

Years later, God has given me a peace and a joy in my life that out-does any sort of joy that partying or anything that I do on my own could bring. In fact it doesn’t even compare.

I’m 28 now, and the best way that I can describe life serving God, is I used to see life in black and white and now I see life in color. I understand why we are here, and that is to know God like a friend, and without that, you’re empty.

I have come to realize there is more to life than living for yourself, and its such a privilege and an amazing thing that GOD, the CREATOR OF THE WORLD, loves ME and is using ME in His plan.

God has done miracles in my life, like opening an opportunity to go to nursing school where they actually paid me to go to University.

I had problems getting pregnant and didn’t know if I would be able to have kids and God did a miracle and I now have a baby girl.

I am in love with my husband and Jesus is in the center of our marriage.

I am so excited to see what God has in store for us and our future.


Gabriel Chavez’ Testimony

1992 I received a invitation and I went to church and God changed me and set me free from drugs, gangs and all the craziness that’s comes with that.

22 years later I still see God’s hand moving and working in my life!

I’m happily married with 5 kids, 4 grand kids and one on the way,

God is good all the time!